10 Ideas for Nourishing Your Soul

Diet is only one tiny piece in the bigger puzzle of overall health.  But how can you take care of your soul?  We’re all unique beings who can find internal nourishment from a combination of different practices and hobbies – part of spirituality is finding and honoring the things that help you feel fulfilled from the inside out.

While you can pull inspiration from the following ideas, it’s by no means an exhaustive list of the things you can do to nourish your soul.  Experiment, pay attention to how they make you feel, and pay attention to what you feel naturally drawn towards (think: natural passions or interests).

1. Meditate

I said it many times and I’ll say it again.  Get into meditation!  Why? Because it helps you release stress – which is in turn good for your immune system and wellbeing.  It allows you to connect to your thoughts and process them in a healthy way.  The longer you practice meditation, the easier it is to figure out what negative thought processes or limiting beliefs you have.  Once you become aware of these aspects of yourself, it’s easier to take the steps towards improving your mindset. There’s no single ‘right’ way to meditate – search beginner meditations on Google or YouTube and watch your life transform!

2. Read

Do yourself a favor and limit your screen time – TV, phone, laptop, iPad, etc.  Make sure you’re not constantly looking at technology for entertainment or distraction.  Pick up the book that’s been sitting on your shelf and collecting dust, even if it’s only for ten minutes.  

3. Practice Yoga

There are so many different types of yoga, so find a type that you’re most interested in! Personally, I love slow flows.  Stretch your body and connect to it in a more mindful way, ideally in the morning or before bed.

4. Have a Spa Day

Make sure you leave time at least once a week to take a bath, light some candles, and put on a relaxing playlist or Podcast.  Turn off your notifications and recharge your own physical and mental batteries – it’s impossible to pour from an empty cup.

5. Journal

Do a brain-dump and write your thoughts onto paper.  It’s so therapeutic, especially now during a time of heightened stress and confusion.

6. Get Artsy

Pinterest has THOUSANDS of craft ideas.  Maybe you don’t think you’re creative or artistic, but give it a try!  It’s incredibly relaxing and calming to do mindless little artsy things.  You can even get others involved if you’re sharing your living space with family, friends, or a partner.

7. Go Natural

Let your skin breathe and let your hair be free!  Focus on your unique, natural beauty.  Sometimes this is hard – especially when our society bombards us with standards and ways we ‘should’ be. But learning to embrace your most natural self is a profoundly powerful practice for your mind and soul. 

8. Try Something New

Put on music and dance around, sing, paint, cook, bake, there are plenty of opportunities to do things if you open your mind!  Something you’ve been wanting to try but have been holding off on? Do it! Why wait?

9. Spend Time With Friends & Family

Get more connected to your loved ones! Give them a call, meet up for a walk, etc – you’d be surprised how much you might have to catch up on. Nurturing your existing relationships has an incredible impact on your wellbeing – it strengthens your support system and reminds you that you don’t have to do anything alone.

10. Do a Lifestyle Audit

Are you happy with your life? Your career path? Your social circle? Your hobbies?  Your exercise/activity levels? These non-dietary sources of nourishment have a HUGE impact on your health.  Taking a moment to check in with yourself and understand where you might have to adjust accordingly will empower you to know what you should be putting your energy towards.

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