How To Start Connecting With Your Higher Self?

For one, stop suffocating it.

The biggest problem we have is that we suffocate this wise internal voice with the racing thoughts and stress responses that stem from our hectic lives and media consumption.

We are a society of consumers: we’re constantly taking in information about peoples’ lifestyles, opinions, purchases, etc.  We’re accustomed to tuning into the news, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or other media outlets and immediately invading our thoughts with everything that’s going on in the outside world.  This is fine to an extent, because it’s important to be educated and aware of the things that are going on, but many of us take it too far.  I’m not exempt from this.  My screen time on my phone has been off the charts, and I’ve just begun to cut it down so I can better connect with my own Higher Self.

When you are constantly taking in information and opinions from other people, when do you ever have the chance to listen to your own inner voice?  How many of your thoughts are actually your own versus thoughts influenced by what someone else said or did online?

Observe the ego and peel it away.

Maybe easier said than done, but as a human, we have the incredible gift of metacognition: we can be aware of our own thoughts. We can think about the way we think.  Trippy!

Here’s where practices like meditation, journaling, and mindfulness come into play.  You have to actually learn to turn off the phone for a second and sit down with just yourself and your thoughts.  You need to begin observing your thoughts and behaviors and questioning them.  The best part about this is that it’s an internal dialogue.  Nobody else can know your thoughts, so when you observe them, be brutally honest with yourself.  Don’t label or judge your thoughts – simply let them surface and genuinely ask yourself if they come from a place of fostering internal happiness or if they’re an attempt to gain external validation.

This takes practice!!! Because we’re usually so incredibly accustomed to our own thought patterns, it’s difficult to realize or recognize which of these patterns come from our ego versus our Higher Self.  Over repeated sessions of meditation or journaling, I promise you’ll get the hang of it.

The best part is that you carry your mind with you wherever you go, 24/7, 365, and even on leap day.  You can learn to become better at observing your thoughts and emotions in order to tell which ones are limiting beliefs or self-sabotage.

So, what kind of exercises can you do to learn how to tune into your Higher Self?

That’s coming, in part three! 🙂

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