Manifest Your Ideal Self Through Spring Cleaning

How to use Pinterest as a Method for Manifesting your Ideal Self through Spring Cleaning 

I’m excited to say that it’s finally the time of year when we can begin to think about spring cleaning.  The weather is slowly but surely trending towards warmer days, and the sunlight is peeking above the horizon past 5:30pm again.  Those of us who live in colder northern climates have been spending a majority of our time inside our houses and apartments – meaning that we’ve likely accumulated some … stuff … while inside.

Cleaning is an extremely therapeutic and powerful thing to do – it symbolizes letting go of things that no longer serve us and lets us intentionally make our living spaces more open and energized.  Say goodbye to the dust bunnies behind your couch and the clothing that you said you’d wear but never did.

I’m going to take spring cleaning one step further and add an element of manifestation into it.  Why? How? Because it’s the perfect reason to start thinking about the kind of person you want to be and what kind of living space you want to have.  You can declutter and clean accordingly in order to bring that vision of your higher self into reality!

The absolute best tool for this is Pinterest.  I honestly think Pinterest is the original vision board social media, whether users knew it or not.  It helps you save inspiring or helpful photos and information to literally bring you closer to something you want.  Need inspiration for meals? Pinterest. Fashion advice? Pinterest. Motivating quotes? Pinterest.

Here’s how you can use Pinterest to vision-board your way towards the most powerful and productive spring cleaning of your life:

If you’re into manifestation in the slightest and you don’t have a Pinterest account, I highly suggest you make one.  Seriously, open up a new tab on the internet and make one. I’ll wait.

Now that you (hopefully) have an account, it’s time to make some boards!  For cleaning, the best method is just to make a board for every general aspect of your living space: interior design, wardrobe inspiration, home organization, etc.

Begin finding photos that match what you wish your living space looked like and save those pins to each respective board.  For example, I want a minimalist wardrobe so I save a ton of photos that show a clean closet with neutral-colored clothing.  I also save photos of outfit inspiration to help me determine what I should be keeping in my closet.

The next step is pretty self-explanatory, get rid of whatever belongings you have that don’t fit your ideal vision for your home!  Trying to have a clean, stylish kitchen? Donate or throw out those weird decorative towels you got as a gift six years ago and kept out of guilt.  Want a minimalist wardrobe? Chuck the dirty socks with holes in them and those generic graphic t-shirts you got once at an event.

The dusting, vacuuming, painting, and other miscellaneous cleaning tasks will naturally follow suit.  But having a vision of the kind of living space you want to work towards will help give you definitive power behind your choices to ditch things that no longer serve your goals.

Sometimes it can feel emotional or stressful to part with items that you’ve kept for so long out of sentiment or habit.  However, this is largely because you’re shedding the skin of your past self by getting rid of things that you feel obligated to keep or tied to.  If it makes you feel better, donating or selling things so you know they’re going to other people who need/want them rather than into a landfill can be really helpful.

When you feel stuck or hesitant to get rid of something, turn to your Pinterest boards and let them serve you as a reminder of what you’re working towards! It’s motivating to see photo evidence of what your living space could look like if you decluttered and cleaned according to your vision boards.

The concept of manifestation and spring cleaning might seem a little far-fetched, but the fact is that you’re making an idea into reality through the assistance of visual inspiration.  

If you want to join me on my pinning journey, you can follow along here; I pin a lot of quotes, outfit ideas, and imagery that inspires me.

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